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  • Where is our jewelry produced?
    All of our custom jewelry is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles California. All other jewelry including our chains and third-party pieces are made in various other places.
  • What karat of gold do we offer?
    We create jewelry out any karat you desire. The most popular are 10k, 14k, and 18k. 22k and 24k are less common but also available.
  • What kind of diamonds do we use?
    We have access to any and every diamond quality available. Our standard diamond here at Bar & Stone is the VS F color stone. This is the grading we decided gives our clients the best quality for the best price. We do offer upgrades for those who would like a higher clarity and/or color. On the other hand, if our client is tight on budget we can discuss a slightly lower quality that would not affect the look of the piece.
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